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The tires on your Ford play a key role in keeping you safe and comfortable. This is why regular tire service is vital. At Destination Ford, we can perform whatever tire service your Ford needs; we also have a great selection of new tires for your Ford. Learn more about our tire department here, and then come visit us at Destination Ford, serving Rosenberg and Wallis, TX.

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Tire Services Offered at Destination Ford

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Tire Rotation

The front tires on your vehicle tend to wear down faster than the rear ones, but regular tire rotation can mitigate this effect. When you have the tires rotated regularly, you will be able to have your set of tires last longer overall.

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Wheel Alignment

If the wheels on your Ford are not properly aligned, driving can become dangerous and cause great discomfort. It can also spell doom for your tires as they become unevenly worn. Head to Destination Ford for an alignment service where we will inspect the camber, toe, and caster angles of your wheels, adjusting them if necessary.

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Tire Patching

If your tire has suffered a puncture in the tread, it can often be patched up at Destination Ford. Stop by and see how we can help!

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Tire Inspection

Regular tires inspections are a great way to keep an eye on your tires' overall health. Our technicians will check the tread depth of your tires, as well as the tread wear pattern. If the tread depth is too low, they will let you know that you will need new tires soon. In addition to checking these things, our technicians will inspect the tire pressure, adding or removing air as necessary.

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Tire Balancing

Unbalanced tires can develop a scalloped pattern of wear that will make it necessary for you to change the tires sooner. This is why you should have the balance of your tires checked regularly; if they need adjusting, we can do so at Destination Ford.

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New Tire Sales at Destination Ford

Whether it's due to damage or just worn treads, your tires will need to be replaced from time to time. When your Ford needs new tires, the tire department at Destination Ford is the place to go. We carry only high-quality tires designed and manufactured by renowned tire companies, and our technicians will be glad to mount and balance your new tires for you.

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Ready to make an appointment for tire service? Use our online service scheduler, and then come to Destination Ford. Make sure to check out our service special coupons to save money when servicing with us!

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