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Ford Recall Department

Ford Recall Service in East Bernard, TX

Recalls are how Ford fixes any problems with your car that were present when the vehicle was assembled. As such, you likely want to get those problems fixed before they lead to any more problems. Thankfully, we’re here to help at Destination Ford, near Eagle Lake, Hungerford, Rosenberg, and Wallis. Our service center is always ready and willing to help you with your open recalls, and as a certified Ford recall center, we can provide that service at absolutely no cost to you. We’re happy to help you get your recalls resolved.

Why Fix Recalls?

Recalls can be for many different things, but there’s always a chance the specific recall is a part of your safety systems. Whether that’s a seat belt, an airbag, or something else, you never want a part of your car to be outside of Ford’s standards for safety and performance. On top of that, recalls devalue your vehicle, to the point where some people won’t even buy it. Recall service is important not only to you but to Ford, as they don’t want anyone to have trouble because of a problem they missed.

How Recalls Are Issued

When a recall is generated, Ford sends out notifications to the last known registered owner of the cars affected. This arrives in the mail wherever your vehicle is registered, so you want to make sure your address is up to date. This only happens after Ford has received numerous consumer reports about a defect in their cars and after they’ve isolated exactly which vehicles are affected.

Ford Recall Department

How to Know if You Have a Recall

If you have a recall, you’ll likely get the notification in the mail, but you’ll also be registered in the database of recalls. This is handy because if the notification gets missed or lost, you can always know if you have a recall out on your car. We have an online tool that lets you look up your specific vehicle to know if you have an open recall that needs attention, and we encourage you to check just to make sure.

Visit Destination Ford for Your Recall Service

Taking care of recalls is an important part of servicing your vehicle. Recalls can be for problems big and small, so it’s always better to get it taken care of than not. Besides, recall service is always free to the customer at certified Ford service centers, of which we are one, so you can get your recall resolved at no cost to you. We’ll even provide a complimentary multi-point inspection with your recall service, so set up your appointment with our online scheduler or by phone today!


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