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Ford Transmission Services

Transmission Service at Destination Ford in East Bernard, TX

Whether you drive a Ford with the convenience of an automatic transmission or you prefer shifting the gears yourself with a manual transmission, the transmission plays a vital role in your vehicle's operation. Your Ford has a powerful engine, and the transmission is what takes the power that the engine produces and transfers it to the wheels, allowing your Ford to move. Although the transmission is relatively low maintenance, it will still need service from time to time. When that time comes, we invite you to come to Destination Ford, serving Hungerford and Wallis, Texas. Find out more about transmission services here at our service center, and then come see why drivers from Hungerford and Eagle Lake choose us!

Why Come to Destination Ford for Transmission Service?

When it comes to something as important as the transmission, it's best to trust the experts. At Destination Ford, we employ certified technicians who know your Ford inside and out. They are experts at all kinds of Ford service, including transmission service, and they will use only OEM transmission parts and Ford-approved transmission fluid when they perform service.

Common Transmission Services at Destination Ford

Transmission Fluid Exchange at Destination Ford

Transmission Fluid Exchange

The transmission fluid is an important part of both automatic and manual transmissions. Both types of transmission have many moving metal parts that need to be kept lubricated, and the transmission fluid is the lubricant that helps prevent friction damage. Automatic transmissions create much more heat than manual transmissions, so automatic transmission fluid acts as a coolant in addition to a lubricant. Over time, the transmission fluid will either become contaminated or begin to degrade and will need to be replaced. Come to Destination Ford for transmission fluid exchange service.

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Transmission Inspection Service at Destination Ford

Transmission Inspection

If your transmission is giving you trouble, it's best to have it inspected. Whether you're having a hard time switching gears, the transmission makes grinding noises and slips when changing gears. Or other problems we can find the cause.

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Transmission Repair or Replacement Service at Destination Ford

Transmission Repair or Replacement

Whether your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced, our certified technicians at Destination Ford can help.

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Visit Destination Ford when you need transmission service. Schedule your service appointment online or give us a call, and then take a look through our service coupons before you head to our dealership. We look forward to seeing you!


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